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Hey, Ho, sorta ready to go. Lots more photos to come, so come back soon. I've been sorting through stuff and it's a big long slog. You don't have to credit me with any great genius to agree  that "His genius outstripped his filing system."

I'm finding stuff I'd totally forgotten about until I found it. I'm finding stuff that I've still totally forgotten about even though I've found it. 

I'm sorting through digital stuff too. And here's the thing analog is easy to damage but hard to destroy. Digital is hard to damage but easy to destroy. As a matter of fact Fuji who has done fine in the transition to digital in stark contrast to their former American competitors has said that one of the best ways to archive a digital photograph is to make a print.

So I'm going to try to blog regularly on this blog (as opposed to all the other blogs I've started and hung out to dry in the vast digital desert).

So come  back soon and complain if there's nothing new.

And I'll end with this very important thought,"If you buy a print I get money."




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  • paul, the site is looking great .

    …flog your blog DOg KP
    • Keith Penner