About Bob Dylan

Making the record cover for Dylan's  "Blood on the Tracks" was the dream of a lifetime. Now as I was 20 at the time it wasn't a very long lifetime.

In those isolated days before the internet (yes I know it started way back when but there wasn't much on it and there wasn't much access to it), I thought I was the world's biggest  Bob Dylan fan- (I was 6ft 2 but only weighted about 127 pounds- it was  before we adopted the metric system as well.) I was soon to find that there were many, many more dedicated...

Hey I'm Just Bloggin' Here

I'm putting all my blogs here, because it's here and I'd like to drag people the site anyway I can. Being it's cyberspace I can't physically drag people here of course. That's good because abduction is a serious crime in most jurisdictions. If I was going to do that, it would be more practical just to rob people.  And the law treats it as a somewhat lesser crime.

Rock and Roll Portfolio, Hey Ho Let's Go

Rock and Roll Portfolio, Hey Ho Let's Go

Well here it is. Over 40 years of photographing live music, making the images, fixing the images, abusing the images, making fine art prints in deep rites in a darkroom, making digital prints in arcane code on a bright screen.

Bob Dylan, The Ramones, Iggy Pop, Nash the Slash, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Blondie, in all the excitement I've kind of lost track myself, oh that's it Blood on the Tracks.


First post

Hey, Ho, sorta ready to go. Lots more photos to come, so come back soon. I've been sorting through stuff and it's a big long slog. You don't have to credit me with any great genius to agree  that "His genius outstripped his filing system."

I'm finding stuff I'd totally forgotten about until I found it. I'm finding stuff that I've still totally forgotten about even though I've found it. 

I'm sorting through digital stuff too. And here's the thing analog is easy to damage but hard to destroy. Digital is hard to damage but easy to destroy. As a...