About Bob Dylan

Making the record cover for Dylan's  "Blood on the Tracks" was the dream of a lifetime. Now as I was 20 at the time it wasn't a very long lifetime.

In those isolated days before the internet (yes I know it started way back when but there wasn't much on it and there wasn't much access to it), I thought I was the world's biggest  Bob Dylan fan- (I was 6ft 2 but only weighted about 127 pounds- it was  before we adopted the metric system as well.) I was soon to find that there were many, many more dedicated and annoying Dylan fans than me- Sadly I have no real evidence that  that latter statement is accurate.

Anyhow on the site "Quora" where people ask question which range from excellent  to "you could google that in about 2 seconds" I've been working on my writing and and answering questions on Bob Dylan.

Some of the answers are short.

"Did Bob Dylan invent rap?"


Some are longer and I'm going to copy them here. 


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